National Dog Show „Acana - Orijen kauss 2009” Marupe,LV
Dainuvīte Gertnere
Wonderfully organized show (VIDEO)
Jurmala Cynology Club '' Reto'' shows always stand out with the best organization and pleasant atmosphere. So this time also we made our way to this show with a sense of positive excitement. And indeed, we were not disappointed, we were met with great organization, a lovely surprise in the form of a little gift as well as an interesting judge.
We were judged by Mr Wilfried Peper (Germany). We would like to offer our most hearfelt thanks to this wonderful judge for our appraisal.
So: Pushistikoff Boyarushka in Intermediate class - Excellent, CQ, BOO;
 Kenventaki Delight White Lady in Junior class - Excellent 2.

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