LV: Night trial in Liepaja 21.10.11
Dainuvīte Gertnere

Grace’s (Harita Gracia Boyaros) first night trial

Best of all about the event can tell the owner herself:

“Yesterday we were at night trials and it turns out that Grace is a real attagirl, from over 20 dogs she got the 4th place (1st level and 76 points). :samilejies:  Theo, of course, overpowered everyone - 1st place and 80 points from 80, but that is already characteristic for him. :dejo:  About Grace, honestly, it was a surprise that she behaved herself so adequate in an unfamiliar, dark forest with different surprise effects. It was super because behind her stayed both Caucasians, and Cane Corso and other serious dogs. As the judges said - spitzs rule!”  :jiihaa: 

Grace’s and Theo’s awards:

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