Happy Birthday Uma!!!
Dainuvīte Gertnere
Our Umite already 4 years

It’s unbelievable that already 4 years have passed. :) It was not such a long time ago when we were driving to the station to pick up our grey feather ball, not knowing, that from this puppy will grow a reliable friend, confrere and guard all in one. That regardless of the breed’s loud edge, which I personally do not like, I will be able to grow fond to the grey raccoon from all my heart. And it is difficult for me to imagine today with out this dog soul.

One cast of new raccoons has been raised and given to the owners. I will confess that the hardest was to part with Habibi. :) But I don’t regret it. Habibi has arrived to his right home, where he is truly loved just the way he is.

The other raccoons have been lucky too, because their new owners took them knowing what they are taking and accordingly none of them is sitting standstill. :) Thanks to the owners for that.

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