Happy Birthday Chikita!!!
Dainuvīte Gertnere

 Thank you, my white friend, for the fact that I have you, always smiling, loyal and sweet. Without you I wouldn’t have the new furniture design with handles and designed corners made by you. Without you our bed would be too wide and on the kitchen table forgotten breads would be caked.

Your brown loyal eye look and black tip of the nose put in a lap after exhausting work day gives genuine warmth and the feeling that on the face of the earth is someone who loves you even if you are despired and tired. You always and in any circumstances are ready to go anywhere so that we could be together.

And that’s why - lots of happiness and long life to you, Chikumin, on your 3rd birthday!!!

Also the most warmhearted greetings on 3rd birthday to other D-litter brothers and sisters!!!

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